Generator Parts

Find parts for your portable or standby generator at Papé Power Systems.

Generator Parts

As the authorized Generac Distributor for all of Southern California, Papé Power Systems is proud to carry genuine Generac industrial engine and generator parts. These OEM components meet or exceed all of the manufacturer specifications.

Aftermarket Products

Along with OEM parts, Papé Power Solutions offers exchange parts for industrial engines and generators. Exchange engine and generator parts such as alternators, starters, electrical components, fuel injection parts and equipment, and exchange industrial engines are in stock and ready for delivery. One advantage of using exchange parts is that the components meet the exacting and rigorous manufacturer specifications, but are available at a discounted price on an exchange basis.

Generator Accessories

  • Remote monitoring systems - We are a certified Omnimetrix dealer
  • Oil & Air filters for diesel generators
  • Generator Batteries
  • Cold Weather Kits
  • Tank risers
  • Vent Extension Kits
  • Diesel Particulate Filters – We are a dealer for both Nett and Miratech DPF’s
  • And more!