Seats: Padded backrest for operator, bench seating for four passengers
Voltage: 36V
Brakes: Dual self-adjusting mechanical drum brakes on rear, deadman brake on control treadle, regenerative braking
Transmission: Dual V-belt drive
Suspension: Rigid axles on front and rear
Lights: Dual LED headlights
Safety: Reverse alarm, strobelight
Motor: 10 hp
Drive Axle: Differential with automotive ring gear
Accessories: Horn, 36V/12V converter to equalize cells and extend battery life
Steering: Automotive steering wheel
Controller: Electronic speed controller
Wheels: 4.80 x 8 LRC pneumatic tires
Indicators: Battery status indicator
Battery: Six 6V-232AH batteries
Charger: 25 Amp, built-in automatic