Seats: Padded backrest
Voltage: 36V
Charger: High-Frequency Charger, improves battery performance, prevents current surge, 50/60HZ, 110/220VAC
Steering: Automotive Steering Wheel
Safety: Reverse alarm, Deadman foot switch, Horn
Wheels: 4.8x8 LRB pneumatic tires
Motor: 10 hp shunt motor
Suspension: Rigid axles on front and rear, DUAL FRONT WHEELS to ensure the stability
Body: 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame
Controller: SEPEX Electronic speed controller, Single right-hand side foot treadle for speed and brake control
Transmission: Dual V-belt drive
Brakes: Self-adjusting H.D. drum brakes, regenerative braking
Drive Axle: Differential with automotive ring gear
Indicators: Battery status indicator
Battery: Six 6V-232AH batteries